Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Everything   around is in bloom !
So do our dear first year kids growing up  with a great deal of creativity !
Our term topic is Gardening.

Ecofriendly flowers.

Daisies,poppies,sunflowers and many other types of beautiful country flowers.
The children designed them using plastic bottle lids for the upper part and drawing the corresponding stems and leaves with their wax crayons.

Here you are a simple and cool song  to sing along and practise the colours.
"The Flower Song"

As the weather was so lovely our precious kids managed to plant and make grow some flower beds.
This time they collected colourful daisies.


Monday, 5 May 2014


With these pretty bunches of flowers the kids of first grade wanted to thank their loving mums.

Stuff we required

Felt sheets
Sharp scissors.
Shaped flowers cardboards.
Craft sticks.
Low-temp hot glue gun and glue sticks.
Craft glue.
Flower shaped cardboard punch.

How we made them.

1st step.The children selected their favourite shapes and colours and cutted them out.
Cutting several for each flower in different sizes for layering.The kids also cutted an additional circle out of felt for the back side of each flower.

2nd step.Then they glued the center back of every flower to the front tip of each craft
stick as well as  glued the circles .
Let's join us sharing the garden adventures of  "Maya the Bee"

And sing along us this catchy song.It tells us about some thigs we can easily find in every garden.