Thursday, 30 January 2014


Children had fun with these colourful peace symbols made of small balls of plasticine.

And this was the amazing result

Monday, 27 January 2014


Travelling towards peace. Get on our bus!! Join us in this awesome trip of happiness, enjoyment and friendship.

Peace Bus Doubledecker.
The kids of the first grade were making their  own personal bus to go around.
To start with the children filled in the buses with relatives, friends, pets and in some cases even with themselves.

After having nicely filled the bus with acquitances and mates ,they cutted out the outlines
and glued the windscreen , the wiper and the front lights.

 Then  just time to wrap a milk carton in papercraft to stick the fabulous drawings on them in order to become 3D vehicles ready to play  and have an unforgetable time.

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Now you've learned how to sing this lovely song, let's have fun moving your body .
Enjoy the following choreographies: