Wednesday 14 May 2014


Everything   around is in bloom !
So do our dear first year kids growing up  with a great deal of creativity !
Our term topic is Gardening.

Ecofriendly flowers.

Daisies,poppies,sunflowers and many other types of beautiful country flowers.
The children designed them using plastic bottle lids for the upper part and drawing the corresponding stems and leaves with their wax crayons.

Here you are a simple and cool song  to sing along and practise the colours.
"The Flower Song"

As the weather was so lovely our precious kids managed to plant and make grow some flower beds.
This time they collected colourful daisies.


Monday 5 May 2014


With these pretty bunches of flowers the kids of first grade wanted to thank their loving mums.

Stuff we required

Felt sheets
Sharp scissors.
Shaped flowers cardboards.
Craft sticks.
Low-temp hot glue gun and glue sticks.
Craft glue.
Flower shaped cardboard punch.

How we made them.

1st step.The children selected their favourite shapes and colours and cutted them out.
Cutting several for each flower in different sizes for layering.The kids also cutted an additional circle out of felt for the back side of each flower.

2nd step.Then they glued the center back of every flower to the front tip of each craft
stick as well as  glued the circles .
Let's join us sharing the garden adventures of  "Maya the Bee"

And sing along us this catchy song.It tells us about some thigs we can easily find in every garden.

Wednesday 2 April 2014


All along the first term we paid our entire attention to Gruffalo, both  subjects Arts and Crafts and Music were concerned.
The main idea was to create a topic guiding thread to give sense, motivation and progression during

How  the kids thougt  could he look like.
According to the introducing song which was from the very beginning the main approach to the whole topic.They acted out the following lyrics :

"He has terrible tusk and terrible claws
and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.
He has kknobbly knees and turned-out toes
and a poisonous wart ar the end of his nose.
His eyes are orange.His tongue is black.
He has purple pricles all over his back."

After singing along this so catchy song they built their monster up.
Some features were given but there were much left to their imagination .

This huge piece of paper gave them the chance to draw  lied down close to some mates in a cheerful  congenial atmosphere.

Thursday 13 March 2014


Now carrying on our topic "over the land" means of transport.
We concentrated our atention on wheeled vehicles that run on a rail.
This is what and how the first year kids made.
Life around the railway
1st step.The children drawn and cutted out a train.
According to a given model the chidren of first year drawn an engine and two wagons,
paying close attention to the colour, shapes and size.
This is an example of what they've done.

2nd step.Put the engines to work on a rail.
Using the trains ,the kids made a landscape up. A train station, a traffic ligth , a train driver , some trees and so on.
Look at the many details they thought about!

You can also enjoy these videos on the topic.
Have some clues to draw your own train engine.

Let's also have fun watching the episode "The Train Ride"
Have some clues to draw your own train engine.

Monday 10 March 2014


Get ready to blast off !
This Space Shuttle craft is an easy project for an enthusiast !

Here's how we did make it
1st step.They painted a towel  roll in the colours of their choice with a paint brush and some water.

2nd step. They glued sundry decorative accessories,such as margarine lids or cellophane rolls,eva foam stars and strips of crepe paper.
They look really so cute , don't they ?

They can also spend a cool time playing with the shuttles.

Let's sing along the coming up songs concern with air transportation ! 

 Give it your best shot and with a lot of enthusiasm to this " how to draw"proposal !

Wednesday 5 March 2014


We're feeling so excited dealing with motor machines
So, our precious kids have designed the most cool vehicles ever.
Let's enjoy yourself as they did!

Vehicle masks
As they got really used to sing, act out and watch at many kinds of transportation.
The kids just device their favourite vehicle around the two holes cutted off for their eyes.
They were so inspired, have a look !

Stuff they required

An eva foam board
a piece of white cardboard
a bodkin

several wax crayons
a pencil
a rubber
some models

1st step.The children of first year cut two holes off from the given piece of cardboard using both the eva foam and a bodkin.

Saturday 1 March 2014


Over the land means of transport.
All along this enjoyable craft  the first grade kids were provided with plenty of activity.
They were given a roundabout and a little landscape to place their new creations : cars,mobile homes, ice-cream trucks, vans , minicars and bikes.
The goal is to make them get involved into the topic , as well as to leave them imagine all the elements playing together as real ones over the land.

1st step. They coloured the pairs of vehicles as they liked.

2nd step.The kids cutted the cutouts carefully and then folded them.So as to get 2D vehicles to play with or to stick on the road/roundabout,or just to start the engines. 

3rd step.They made up there own road trip plenty of self designed vehicles.